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Where are the services be held?
The Sunday services are held in the large white tent in the parking lot behind the church building.  We are located at 810 3rd Avenue, Mountain Lake, MN

Do I need to bring a chair?  
No, we have gladly provided chairs for you.
Are bathrooms available?  
Yes, the church bathrooms are open, but face coverings are required to enter the building in compliance with the state mandate.

Are children welcome?
YES!  Children are always welcome at Center Point Church. They can remain in the main service or participate with the kid’s activities inside the building.  There is nursery, preschool, and CAMP CP KIDS  for Kindergarten through 4th grade. The Fireside Room is also  streaming the service, should a parent of young children need to step out of the service.  Kids 5 and under are not required to wear a face covering.

Where do my kids go?
Nursery and preschool-aged kids can be immediately checked-in inside the building. The Check-in station (look for the banner) is in the center of the building in front of the Nursery.   Elementary-aged kids (K-4th Grade) remain with parents during the singing portion of our worship service and then are dismissed to CAMP CP KIDS  just before the sermon is given.   Whenever possible, CAMP CP KIDS will be held outside.  When weather requires, CAMP CP KIDS will move indoor and kids will then need to wear a face covering if medically able.
To ensure other’s safety, if we are concerned a child may be sick, we may check their temperature.  If it is above 100.4, we will ask you to care for your child at home.

Is anyone welcome at your services?
Yes!  Anyone is welcome to join us at Center Point Church.  And if you need to come late or slip out early, that is just fine too!  We only ask you to stay home and watch the service online if you or someone in your household has been sick in the past 48 hours.
How long is the service be?
Approximately One Hour.

What if someone in my home has been sick?
If you or someone you live with has had symptoms (fever, cough, etc.) in the past 48 hours, please participate in the online worship service.

Are people required to wear a mask?  
Masks are not required (but are optional) if you remain in the tent area wear the service is held.  Those 6 and older who enter the building are required to wear a face covering unless medically unable to do so.  

Can people remain in their car?
Yes, for those who feel safer remaining in their vehicle, there are  spots reserved alongside the tent where they can tune their car radio to 99.9FM and enjoy the service.

Is the radio broadcast going to continue?  
Yes.  Anyone in town can enjoy the service be tuning their radio to 99.9FM.

Are you continuing to live stream the whole service?
Absolutely.  For those who still feel more comfortable watching online or do not live near Mountain Lake, they will be able to continue watching online.

Are you passing the offering plate?
No, there will be donation boxes available in the tent to drop off your offering.
Are you passing out bulletins or offering envelopes?
We will not be handing out any paper at this time.  Details about upcoming events can be found on our Center Point Church App, website, and Facebook Page.   Offering Envelopes will be available at the donation boxes.
Are you partaking in communion?
For those who feel comfortable, we are making communion available once a month.  We will are using disposable pre-packaged communion cups and wafers.

Are there Sunday School or other growth groups?
There is not be any Sunday School or regularly meeting growth groups during Phase I.  There may be an occasional one-time special gathering.  If so, they will be posted on Facebook and the Center Point Church App.

If I find out I have contracted COVID-19 after attending a church service what should I do?
First, we encourage you to follow all recommendations of your healthcare provider.  We would deeply appreciate being contacted so we can alert others that they have possibly been exposed. We will not reveal your identity to others.  We will simply notify them that someone who attended the service has become ill.

What if I am volunteering at Center Point and later discover I have COVID-19?  
We encourage you to follow all recommendations of your healthcare provider.  Furthermore, you will need to contact the church so we can inform those who may have come in contact with you of the situation.  We will not divulge your identity, simply that a volunteer has tested positive for COVID-19.

How can I help?
Church is only possible because of dedicated volunteers who follow Jesus’ example of serving the needs of others.  Even during Phase I, there is an increased need for volunteers for set up and tear down, cleaning, greeting, tech team, and children’s ministry.  If you are interested, please contact the church.